Houston council set to vote on sex robot brothel ban

“Try before you buy.” That’s the option a business owner of human-like robots wants to offer the people of Houston, whether male or female.

It’s a topic that has the whole city talking: could a sex robot brothel open up here?

“This is not the business I endorse,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Tuner.

Turner has made it clear that he doesn’t want a sex robot brothel in the city, and he’s had his legal team canvass all ordinances to stop it.

“Presently now, we have an ordinance dealing with arcades. It places restrictions on where these businesses can be and what you can do inside of these business,” Turner said.

On Wednesday, city council will vote on the new verbiage under the “adult arcade and adult mini theatres ordinance” where it will include, in part, “Arcade device shall also mean an anthropomorphic device or object that is utilized for entertainment with one or more persons.”

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